At TG&C Group, we use our experience, expertise and network of information to assist clients in developing effective strategies to deal with legislative, regulatory and political issues. We work to anticipate and resolve problems by providing information, devising strategies, coordinating advocacy, and identifying issues that help clients achieve their goals.


TG&C Group will help your business or organization design, build and execute a strategy to accomplish your goals in Washington. With significant bipartisan insider expertise and experience, TG&C Group can help navigate Washington’s complex yet vital legislative, regulatory and political process.


TG&C Group deals directly with key decision makers and senior staff. Our focus is on the quality, rather than the quantity, of access and meetings. We have the relationships necessary to get the information, intelligence and access needed to produce results. We maintain real relationships with the key players in Washington and a willingness to put those relationships to work for our clients.


At TG&C Group, we begin by analyzing each situation, anticipating obstacles and devising a plan aimed at realizing opportunities. Our job is to design a plan that builds relationships with key decision makers and is focused on achieving favorable outcomes for your business or organization.


TG&C Group provides a full service online advertising capabilities for our clients. We develop a strategic digital plan and placement strategy based on competitive and market analysis. We maintain a unique set of intelligence tools that allow us to identify and monitor the marketplace of online advertisements that drive our clients’ targeted placement strategy. Our in house creative team can implement our clients’ objectives and messaging in the appropriate format. We facilitate ad placement and continuously monitor and adapt our clients’ ad campaign based on detailed analytics and analysis. We excel at maximizing each campaigns impact by offering a full spectrum of actionable results to deliver on our clients’ unique objectives.


TG&C Group is uniquely positioned to build organic digital grassroots coalitions to enable mobilization on our clients’ primary issues. We deploy and manage integrated Constituent Relationship Management  (CRM) databases that are specifically implemented for advocacy efforts and mobilization. Our digital outreach and communications leverage data to inform, incentivize inclusion and drive action on a federal, state and local level.


TG&C Group provides a comprehensive suite of digital and social media services to enable our clients to excel online. We’ve created engaging and cutting edge website solutions that have been frequently praised by the national media as examples of how causes win online. We help our clients create a digital strategy that is both creative and effective and our programming team implements the digital assets to achieve this. We take a solutions integration approach — implementing best-of-breed technology platforms and advocacy tools — so our clients can cost effectively achieve their goals.

Our SocialMedia service offering enables our clients to adopt offensive and defensive capabilities for their cause and provide rapid response capabilities. We specialize in shaping public opinion through online messaging, monitoring the online stream of consciousness and engaging supporters to take action online and off.